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English Language program
UIL programs aim to provide students with the English skills they need to prepare for their future studies, travel or employment. Each
UIL course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to improve the key skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
• Designed to enable direct entry into other Australian institutions
• Elementary to advanced general English
• IELTS preparation
• School pathway programs
• English for Academic Purposes

General English (GE)
Elementary to Advanced Levels (5 levels), 10 weeks per level.
General English programs provide a pathway for students preparing
for entry into the Secondary School Preparation or English for
Academic Purposes programs, as well as development of English
language skills and recreational English.

School Pathway
School preparation programs prepare students to enter primary, junior or senior secondary school within
Australia. UIL is partnered with Education Queensland International (EQI) and multiple independent schools,
providing students with a variety of choice when selecting a school that best meets their needs. Primary and
secondary school preparation programs consist of 25 hours of study per week with 20 hours in the classroom and 5
hours of "English in Practice" activities. Student progress is reported on every 5 weeks.
Secondary School Preparation Program (SSPP): Intermediate English language
level or above, appropriate for 12-18 years old. Starting every Monday.
Duration of the program depends on the student's level of English (10
weeks per level).