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It's a simple idea....that delivers great results
It's a simple idea...tried, tested, proven

We have set up partnerships with a number of prestigious education institutions in Australia...Our overseas agents send us enquires for enrolling international students in schools and other institutions in Australia....We link them up to our partner institutions....We follow up with offer letters, COEs and everything else till the student enrols at their desired institution in Australia....We look after our clients and students throughout the process!!

  • For our partner institutions, we are like a risk free, high-potential marketing department. 
  • For our agents, we are a central enrolments office for entry into a number of institutions in Australia.  Our agents love this idea as they don't need to contact hundreds of staff at different colleges. They simply call us and we take care of everything for them.  We look after their training, support and commissions as well.
  • For students, we are always available as an extra pair of hands to help and support them throughout their study program in Australia.

Simple, tried and tested...it works!!!