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Over 30 years in International Education
We have been working within the international education industry for over 30 years.  The experience has been outstanding…exhilarating, exciting, joyous and rewarding. 

We have worked across all the sectors, both public and private, as educators, administrators, senior executives and consultants. 

Our most recent experience as consultants was to build the brand, reputation and popularity of an educational institution in Queensland. Within a few years, through strategic planning, visioning and harnessing the talent and commitment of a great team of people , we transformed the organisation into one of Australia's leading international education institutions.  Our approach was so outstanding that it resulted in significant growth for the organization. It also resulted in the institution winning several awards and accolades over the last few years. 

Our CEO had also previously worked on a highly successful and unique network marketing model for Education Queensland International for over 6 years. 

Also, over the last 30 years, we have built a vast network of friends, business partners and associates all over the world.  Our network is built on trust, integrity and uncompromising customer service standards.  Our network, goodwill and personal reputation have become an inimitable competitive advantage for us as international education and marketing consultants.

From all of the the above experiences and our need for a new challenge, came the idea of setting up Australian International Education Consortium (Global) -(AIECG)

Through our new and innovative consortium model, we hope to continue to support our network and grow the spirit of internationalization in Australia. 

Besides, we have a point to prove, to ourselves and to others that:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela