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We care for your child
We also understand that in making a decision to send your child overseas, you are seeking a safe, supportive and caring environment that caters to your child’s academic, social and physical well-being.   We are parents too and we can understand how you feel when you send your child overseas to study.  

So we continue to do everything we can to look after your child once they arrive in Australia.  
  • Your child will most likely undertake a few weeks of English language study before starting his/her school program.  When your child starts their English course at their English language college, the college will assess their English language proficiency. This is to ensure that they enrol in the right class.  If they need additional English, their English language study will be extended and their school start date may need to be postponed.  
  • AIECG will contact the school and organise the change for your child.  
  • We will also advise you if the change affects their school year or the duration of their study at school.  
  • We will issue revised COEs for your child, if needed.  
All our partner English language colleges are well equipped and well resourced to look after school-aged students.  Each English college has highly experienced and trained staff to provide an outstanding academic program and a high level of pastoral care to young students. The English college will contact you directly or through your agent to provide you with periodic progress reports or for any other matters such as your child’s attendance, academic progress, accommodation and/or welfare.

Apart from the support services provided by the English language college, AIECG will:

  • Maintain ongoing contact with your child to help them with any additional support needs
  • Liaise with the English language college regularly to monitor your child’s progress
  • Provide feedback to you at least once in every 10 weeks, or more if there are any specific areas of concern
  • Contact the English college on your behalf, if you need to get any additional information on your child’s progress
  • Facilitate your child’s ISLPR test or school interview for school entry, if required by their school
  • Liaise with the school regarding your child’s school uniforms and subject selection, prior to their entry into school