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Canterbury College


Old Logan Village Road
Waterford 4133
Queensland, Australia

General Overview

Girls and boys day school
Year commenced: 1987
Number of Students       1500                 
Number of International Students: 15
Nationality mix of international students: China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
CRICOS Provider Code: 01609C

Website: www.canterbury.qld.edu.au

Canterbury College is an independent day school affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Canterbury College is a community of like-minded people who share a dream of having all students achieve their potential in an inspiring learning environment.  Not only do they enjoy a wonderful environment of expansive playing fields and exciting architecture, they are also a community committed to Anglican Christian values, the pursuit of intellectual endeavour, the development of creative ideas and the acceptance of differences and diversity.  The school is committed to developing confident young people with high self-esteem and self-discipline.

The College offers a rich curriculum, with opportunities for all students to pursue their dreams through flexible pathways to university, further education or employment.  The extra-curricular program is extensive and varied, offering students opportunities to excel in sport, cultural pursuits and other intellectual endeavours such as debating.

Canterbury College is a stimulating and inspiring environment, with the very best teachers and support staff committed to the learning of  the College community’s young people.  It is a College on the move, preparing young people for an exciting and challenging future!  The College is located on the south side of Brisbane in Waterford.

Why choose Canterbury College for your child's future education?

  • Excellent academic reputation and outstanding results
  • Extensive ESL support offered to International Students
  • International Student Support Centre and excellent pastoral care
  • Homestay managed by Canterbury College
  • Located midway between Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • School bus from Sunnybank
  • Free homework tuition
  • Strong  and competitive sports programe
  • Specialist Music and Arts Centre
  • State-of-the-art Science precinct
  • Extension subjects, university subjects and career guidance and help with university entrance
  • Outstanding academic results
  • Reputation for excellent behaviour within the community

Canterbury students receive a well-rounded education, both within and outside the classroom to assist in the development of their spiritual, social, cultural and academic life-long learning.  The College atmosphere is founded upon good relationships among staff, students and parents, as well as the wider community.  The College ethos is based on mutual respect, support and co-operation. The rich and diverse academic program is supported by a full curriculum of activities, camps and excursions. Technology is integrated in all year levels, providing students with access to shared sets of laptop and desktop computers as part of their day-to-day learning.

From an academic perspective, the Year 12 cohort performed outstandingly with over 86% of the OP eligible students receiving an OP between 1 and 15. This excellent  result places Canterbury College well above the State average.

The QCS Test results and the students’ results in their school based assessment meant excellent OP results for the cohort.
• OP 1 = 6 (5.5%)
• OP 1 – 5 = 26 (24%)
• OP 1 – 10 = 50 (46%)
• OP 1 – 15 = 94 (86%)

86% of the College's OP Eligible Students received an OP 1-15. This is an outstanding result for Canterbury College.

School Facilities

The schools facilities are continually expanding and improving to reflect the professional and progressive nature of education at the College.
•    Modern Digital Classrooms   
•    New Technology Precinct
•    Wireless network    
•    High Tech Computer and Science Laboratories
•    Industrial Technology Centre    
•    Specialised Music and Art facilities
•    Basketball, Tennis and Netball courts   
•    Sports Hall

Curriculum for Year 11-12

Subjects offered in Year 11-12 (Subject to change)
  • Accounting
  • Legal Studies
  • Information Processing & Technology
  • English
  • English Extension (Literature)
  • Physical Education
  • Home Economics
  • Graphics
  • Technology Studies
  • Mathematics A
  • Mathematics B
  • Mathematics C
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Biological Science
  • Chemistry
  • Multi-Strand Science
  • Physics
  • Ancient History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Modern History
  • Study of Religion
  • Study of Society and Environment
  • Industrial Skills
  • Literacy & Numeracy (Practical Numeracy)
  • Physical Recreation (Recreation Studies)
  • Hospitality Operations Cert II
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Music Extension (Performance)
  • Visual Art Studies

Tertiary Pathways

The Senior Years at Canterbury College offer all students in Year 10, 11 and 12 a number of pathways for their future career.  These pathways include a diverse curriculum offering Queensland Studies Authority subjects for students wishing to gain entry into various tertiary institutions, as well as the opportunity of studying at TAFE or completing a traineeship with one of many local businesses.

Special Activities     

At Canterbury College, a student’s musical appreciation and experience are regarded as integral aspects of their overall education and personal development. Playing instruments and singing are extremely popular and many students are involved in the College’s performing ensembles. The Music Department offers a wide range of musical ensembles for students to join. These include various string ensembles, a string quartet, concert bands, guitar ensembles and several chamber ensembles.

•    Strings Ensemble   
•    Instrumental and choral programme
•    Drama and Musical productions   
•    Leadership Training
•    Vocational Education and Training Courses   
•    Drama and Public Speaking
•    Gifted and Talented program   
•    School Musical
•    Chess   
•    Youth Theatre


•    Australian Rules Football    
•    Athletics
•    Volleyball   
•    Basketball
•    Cross Country   
•    Netball
•    Equestrian   
•    Rowing
•    Hockey   
•    Rugby
•    Soccer   
•    Softball
•    Swimming   
•    Tennis


Tuition per year(Year 10-12)

Tuition per year(Year 7-9)

Tuition per year(Year 7-9)

Enrolment Bond (refundable)

IT levy (per year)

Textbook hire levy (per year)

QSA levy

(Excludes costs such as OSHC, uniforms, stationery and other school activities)

Bank Payment Fee


Homestay fees

Homestay rent per night

Homestay placement fee (once only)

Homestay Bond (refundable)

Homestay holding fee per week




$18, 400






$25 per invoice