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The Southport School (Gold Coast)
General Overview:
• Founded in 1901
• Boys day and boarding
• Approximately 1400 students with on average 20 students per class and ratio of 1 teacher to 12 students. With 3.5% of the student
   body being international.
• Anglican Boys School

2 Winchester St
Southport Queensland 4215
CRICOS Provider Code: 00523F
Founded in 1901, The Southport School is an Anglican day and boarding school on the Gold Coast from Preschool to Year 12 with
boarding available from Year 7.

TSS is a member of the Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland (GPS) and it is the only boys’ school and boys’ boarding school on the Gold Coast. The GPS Association seeks to promote and conduct various forms of activities between member schools with a view to fostering a spirit of fellowship, sound educational practice and mutual support and assistance among schools; to promote the welfare and best interests of the Great Public Schools of Queensland; and to contribute and influence the formulation and advancement of educational policy in Queensland.

Renowned for it’s balanced and holistic approach to boys’ education, TSS recognises that boys think and learn differently from girls. Cutting-edge educational practices include Leadership Development,Emotional Intelligence and Thinking Skills. TSS provides integrated programs of co-curricular and academic, with a low student-to- staff ratio. Students participate in an extensive leadership development program, with students assuming a variety of leadership roles within the School.

TSS students perform better academically when they are involved in cultural and sporting activities. As a result, they are able to learn
better time management skills and organisational skills.

Academics at TSS
The Southport School Curriculum aligns with the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, The Arts, Languages, Health & Physical Education and Technologies. It is also further enriched by the religious education programme Life & Faith, Outdoor Education and a comprehensive and diverse Leadership programme. Years 10, 11 and 12 offer boys a foundation education that leads to specialisation in areas of personal interests and strength, promoting preparation for tertiary studies via OP and non-OP pathways, and the workplace through Vocational Education.

TSS offers a wide range of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subjects leading to an Overall Position (OP) for university entrance together with Authority- Registered subjects that do not lead to an OP, but can contribute towards a Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) Rank entrance score. Boys wishing to gain nationally recognized qualifications issued under the Australian Quality Training Framework can undertake school-based traineeships/apprenticeships or attend an outside training organisation such as TAFE. Boys who select a non-OP (QTAC Rank) pathway will make their subject selections from a combination of OP subjects, non-OP subjects and vocational courses. The development of explicit thinking skills, positive and productive mindful dispositions and communication strategies complement the curriculum from Preschool to Year 12. Furthermore, lessons devoted to the promotion of boys’ reading and information literacy serve to develop academic potential. The curriculum at TSS is challenging and caters for the needs and interests of all boys. Opportunities abound for boys at every level of ability and potential, with significant opportunities in extension activities through accelerated classes and involvement in the Gifted & Talented and Honours Programmes. For all TSS Boys, the rewards for determination and effort in the academic realm are many and varied with chances for all to succeed.

The Campus Environment
At first glance it’s obvious the TSS campus ranks as one of the finest and most unique in the country. The serene and welcoming
site on the banks of the Gold Coast’s Nerang River immediately sets it apart, while the blend of grand heritage buildings and their
modern counterparts and extensive facilities projects a reassuring ambience of proud tradition mingled with contemporary relevance.

The School’s facilities are extensive and impressive, providing for every pertinent academic, sporting, cultural and social aspect of a
boy’s education and development in the fullest sense.
Contained within the Senior campus TSS provides the following:
• Academic and Leadership Centre
• Specialist Lego and Robotics Programs
• A complete “wireless technology” campus
• Nationally renowned Boys’ Reading Program & Libraries
• 220-seat collegiate Chapel
• Modern, purpose-built Boarding Houses
• 600-seat Annand Drama & Music Theatre
• State-of-the-art Science Centre
• 9 ovals and extensive sporting facilities (including the Centenary
Sports Centre with weights room, basketball courts and
gymnastics area)
• Tennis & Swimming Pool Complex (including heated 12-lane
Olympic-sized and 25m pools)
• 24-hour Health Centre
• Commercial kitchens
• Hall of Fame archival display

Sports at The Southport School
The Southport School has numerous sporting facilities. There are 5 tennis courts, heated 25 metre pool and 50 metre 12 lane pool,
climbing wall, cricket nets, 9 playing fields, indoor gym and indoor basketball courts which have markings for various other sports. The
indoor basketball courts, both pools and playing fields have spectator stands which make them ideal for carnivals or competitions.
TSS is located on the Nerang River, which also makes it ideal for rowing or sailing activities.

Boarding at The Southport School
TSS create a strong “sense of family”. It is an article of faith for TSS Boarding that every boys should enjoy the friendships, security, care and understanding that he should rightfully expect from what he may come to regard as his “second home”.

Life as a boarder
TSS’ reputation as one of Australia’s foremost boarding schools has been built over a century of providing a warm, safe and caring
environment for the sons of country and regional families. First-class accommodation is provided in five modern boarding houses, each with a resident Housemaster, Assistant Housemaster and Matron together with four adult boarding supervisors. In addition, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster reside within the School grounds. While a strong sense of family belonging is promoted, individual space and independence is also supported through private study spaces for all boarders and private rooms for the Year 11 and 12 students. To assist in the formation of sound leaning habits, Years 8 to 10 boarders undertake their nightly homework in classrooms supervised by our Mathematics and Humanities teachers. This arrangement has proven its value in the shape of increased academic achievement among the boys.

Good health and nutrition, physical fitness and emotional well-being are priorities in our care of the boys entrusted to us. An active
Boarding Catering Committee - which includes the students -meets each term to discuss menus and ensure health options in the
Old Gym Café. Sport is an integral part of TSS life and tradition and for the boarders it provides an added source of health stimulation that adds to their sense of wellbeing.