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AIECG - for your child's future
Australian International Education Consortium (AIECG) is your unique pathway to selected Australian schools steeped in history, tradition and educational excellence. With over 26 years experience in education, we have partnered with some of Australia’s most prestigious boys, girls and co-educational schools providing you with a spectrum of choices for your child’s future.

AIECG offers your child a seamless pathway from English language study at one of our partner English language colleges into one of our partner schools in Australia.

As parents, we understand that you want to give your child the best opportunities in life and the right school is the foundation for your child’s bright future.  We believe that you would be looking for a school that has a proud history of academic, sporting and/or cultural achievement and a school that nurtures your child’s natural talents and helps them achieve their greatest academic potential.  Therefore, we have created a pathway model that allows you to select exactly the kind of school that you want for your son or daughter.

You can select one of the most elite all girls’ day school in Brisbane or Melbourne for your daughter or you can select one of the most historic schools with an outstanding record of academic excellence for your son. Alternatively, you can select from our diverse range of boys and girls school ranging from inner city schools established in 1868 to schools highly sought after by local Australian families due to their outstanding academic, sporting and/or cultural achievements.