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Our specialised study tours

A Study Tour is a short course that provides an exciting opportunity for international students to study and improve their English while experiencing Australian culture.

Choose your own adventure – Study Tour

We can customise study tours to suit the group's specific needs. Let us know what your group's focus is and our professional team of educators will design a unique study tour program that meets your background and educational needs. You can even choose your own activities and excursions!

We host specialised Study Tours for:

High School and College students

Industry, smaller business or government employees interested in improving their English in specialised areas, such as TESOL, Business, Project Management etc

·Students or professionals interested in experiencing Brisbane and Gold Coast’s unique culture or getting a glimpse of life at Australian education institution

We offer short English language programs all year round. Study Tour participants can choose to take an English program in their own group for 1-5 weeks.  At the same time they can enjoy sightseeing in the beautiful capital of Queensland, Australia’s Smart State.

Over 16 years experience

Our dedicated staff have over 16 years experience in designing and coordinating study tours for students of all age groups.  Our staff have a wealth of experience in hosting groups from China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and many other countries

You will love every minute of your study tour with us in Brisbane and Gold Coast.