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Eltham College (Melbourne)
1660 Main Road, Research (main campus)
 Level 2, 398 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (year 9 city campus)

General Overview:
 Girls and boys day school
Year commenced: 1974
Number of Students       637                 
Number of International Students: 33
Nationality mix of international students: 
  • Mainland China, Macau,Myanmar, Hong Kong,Iran,Thailand: 
Girls and boys day school

website: elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

CRICOS No. 00138D

ELTHAM College is located in the safe and accessible outer Melbourne suburb of Research. The district is well known for its natural and picturesque setting, with the College campus set on a hilly vantage point offering spectacular views across Melbourne towards the central business district. Only 40 minutes from the city centre, international students are able to enjoy 40 hectares of Australia’s open spaces while still having easy access to a vibrant and multicultural city environment. Public transport options include train and bus services.

Established in 1974, ELTHAM College is a modern non-denominational, co-educational independent school offering Early Learning to Year 12.


The College is dedicated to internationalism, our international student program is highly valued within the school community. We strive to ensure that our international student cohort makes up only a small percentage of the College’s total student population; this fosters strong relationships with local students and the local community.


With caring, responsible and passionate staff, our program offers a safe and nurturing environment, making ELTHAM College a wonderful choice for international studies. Our graduates leave us equipped with confidence in their own skills and abilities, with the resilience to excel in Australia and the worlds top universities.


Our Junior School Program provides an environment where the natural creativity and curiosity of young people is encouraged and developed. We recognise the importance of a strong start in literacy and numeracy.  Students add the study of Chinese language, Music, Instrumental Music, Library, Physical Education, Science, Information Communication Technology and an immersive history program to their core curriculum.

International students who are accepted into the Junior School Program must show a solid foundation of English language. The need to undertake intensive English language classes will be determined on an individual basis.


Our Years 7 and 8 students focus on developing the tools to learn. A range of subject modules guide students through a comprehensive core curriculum.  This enables students to explore their talents and personal interests. For international students, Early entry sees students exposed to Australian teaching methods and curriculum in the founding years of high school. Early entry benefits English language acquisition enormously and with this comes the ability to truly participate in all the learning and extra-curricular opportunities available, along with the opportunity to further develop within social groups.

The College accepts students into the Homestay program at 13 years or older. Students accompanied by their parents may enrol at any age.


Students spend four days a week at our Melbourne City Campus, where our young scholars undertake a series of in-depth learning projects in addition to their core Year 9 skills curriculum. One day per week is spent at the main Research Campus participating in specialist subjects, such as languages, science and physical education programs.

For international students the Year 9 City Experience Program is the perfect way to expand on their senior studies. Apart from small international student numbers, the City experience introduces international students to Melbourne’s business, financial, cultural and tertiary hub; the very environments where they may choose to pursue further studies or embark on their career. This exposure enables students to have a real connection with the goals they set for later life.

YEARS 10 - 12

Year 11 and Year 12 are dedicated to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program, in which students study towards a high school graduation certificate. This certificate provides entry not only into Australian universities, but tertiary institutions globally.

 Specialty subjects are available to international students such as English as an Additional Language (EAL), Australian Perspectives and English Pathways, as well as the opportunity for students to study their native language. The College recommends students commence study in the Senior School level. This enables them to build a solid English language foundation and become comfortable in a new learning environment prior to commencing VCE.

Student supporting program:

We provide a peaceful, friendly and caring environment in which differences are applauded and global awareness is valued.


The LifeWork Centre is a career resource hub located in the Senior School building. LifeWork advisors meet regularly with students from Year 9 onwards to explore career and university options. They use a range of tools, from aptitude testing to one-on-one counselling and a wealth of knowledge on the tertiary and employment sector, to help students identify their strengths and interests. This guidance ultimately enables students to gain entry to their university and course of choice


English Pathways is a unique class offered by ELTHAM College which allows students to consolidate English language on the school campus. This extra English language support will assist students to settle into classes more quickly and will form part of their academic and social orientation program. In English Pathways students progress at their own rate, gradually transitioning into mainstream classes. Australian Perspectives provides an opportunity for students to build on their familiarity of Australian society and culture through both oncampus classes and extended out-of-school activities. The overall aim of the subject is to introduce students to Australian culture and lifestyle, as well as providing opportunities for improving English language skills.


ELTHAM College’s Homestay accommodation is available to students over the age of 13. Younger students may attend the College if living with an immediate family member. Our Homestay families are drawn from the local community and many host families have had children who studied at ELTHAM College in the past. A Homestay environment is an invaluable part of the study abroad experience. It offers international students the opportunity to be part of a local family, speak English daily, and make in depth discoveries about the culture they are becoming a part of. Homestay providers are within 30 minutes of