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Marketing Director

Yaoli Wang

Marketing Director, Australian International Education Consortium
Yaoli Wang, the Marketing Director of Australian International Education Consortium has been working within the education and services industry in Australia and overseas for approximately 32 years. 

Yaoli is a unique networker and marketer, with a drive, vision and energy capable of transforming organisations and making a significant contribution to the lives of young people by supporting, guiding and facilitating their educational choices. 

In the words of Yaoli's most recent employer:  “I have no hesitation in saying unequivocally that Yaoli is amongst the most capable, talented, loyal and industrious employees that I have ever met in my entire career spanning 25 years”

After graduating from university in Shanghai, Yaoli worked for a commercial Intelligence Office under the Ministry of Commerce for 7 years before coming to Australia in 1989. During her work with the Chinese government, she was involved in high level research, marketing, nation-wide training and monitoring of international product quality standards.

Yaoli began her international business and marketing career in Australia with an import and export company which helped her to further enhance her outstanding skills in customer service.   From 1991-1992, Yaoli worked at a government school in Queensland assisting in teaching Asian culture and the Chinese language to Australian students.   In 1996, Yaoli worked for a community service organization subside by the Australian government to look after new migrants, as well as organising community activities and events.

From 1998 to 2001, Yaoli also managed her own highly successful international student recruitment agency, through which she recruited students for QUT, Griffith University, Bond University, Central Queensland University, Gold Coast TAFE, Russo Institute of Techonology, Martin College, Queensland College of English, Education Queensland International, Nudgee International College and several high schools, successfully helping hundreds of Chinese students coming to Australia to study.

Yaoli worked as the International Student Coordinator at a Government high school on the Gold Coast from 2001-2002 looking after students from China recruited through Education Queensland International’s offshore projects in China.  In this role,  Yaoli provided academic support, tutoring, pastoral care, home stay services,  pathways to universities,  holiday activities, liaison with parents and agents. 

Also, since 2001, Yaoli has managed an independent international education marketing and consulting company through which she has organized several Australian school students and staff group tours to China to experience Chinese culture.  Under her highly successful company, Yaoli has also procured and managed hundreds of study tour groups from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.   Over the last 12 years, thousands of students and teachers have visited Australia on study tours organized by Yaoli in liaison with her wide network of agents, friends and associates in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The highlight of Yaoli’s career so far is her outstanding contribution as the Country Manager for China and Taiwan at one of the Australian leading International Colleges.  From 2003 onwards, Yaoli was fundamental in transforming the College’s reputation from amongst the lowest in the industry to one of Australia’s leading international education entities.  Yaoli travelled extensively in Asia, building a solid network of agents, students’ parents and overseas schools and within a very short period of time, Yaoli achieved over 70% growth in enrolments for the College.  Under her capable marketing hands, the organization won several awards from QETI, including the most recent prestigious award for excellence in international collaboration presented at the Australian Pavillion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  

Yaoli actively promotes Australian education, helping both sides understand the cultural differences and clients’ needs, communicating with students, parents, agents and educational institutions.  Yaoli enjoys working with schools, agent, students and parents, as she believes that education is the most important investment for parents.  She is passionate about helping students find the appropriate education provider to accelerate and secure a smooth education pathway to higher education as she believes that the decision about education is the most critical decision in a student’s life. 

Yaoli believes that providing excellence in customer service and support to education agents and education providers benefits agents, students and parents alike. Her philosophy of helping all her students, agents and partner schools has resulted in Yaoli being well-known in the international education industry as a dynamo that works day and night to achieve the best outcomes for clients, and in turn for Queensland and Australia and her overseas partners.