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Business Development Consultant

Daniel Zhang

Business Development Consultant

In 2009, following the completion of his internship at Dalian Wanda International Hotel, Daniel Zhang came to Australia to experience the Australian way of life. While living in sunny Queensland, Daniel refined his English language skills, studied and successfully completed a Bachelor Degree in International Tourism and Hotel Management.

Daniel has openly embraced the Australian culture, has been warmly welcomed into the local Australian community and is well respected by all he meets.  Daniel actively participates in social activities and has kept living with friendly Australian Home Stay Families.  This has helped Daniel to continue to build upon the solid relationships he has developed with his home stay families, has widened his social and business networks and also helped to improve his understanding of local culture, economy, political, business and education systems.

After accumulating rich experience in the customer service industry, Daniel joined study tour operation. This role sees Daniel successfully Coordinate Chinese Study Tour Groups and liaise between Students and their Families, Teachers, Home Stay Families, Schools, Tourism Attractions and Staff . Daniel works diligently to ensure the total success of each study tour operation. Armed with his professional knowledge of tourism, diverse customer service experience, reliability, commitment to help people succeed and of course his humour, friendliness and love of meeting new people, Daniel has developed strong, wide reaching and long lasting relationships in China and Australia.

As a Chinese student who has benefited considerably from Australian study, Daniel Zhang has a thorough understanding of the issues that can be encountered during international study.  With wisdom and understanding gained through personal experience, Daniel successfully helps people to navigate towards studying in Australia. Daniel is dedicated to providing the best consultative service and can assist families to find the school best suited to the individual needs. Daniel personally helps students to better understand Australian life, so they can adapt well to Australian society and succeed with their study endeavours.  Daniel is passionate about helping each and every student to achieve their study goals, aspirations and dreams in Australia.

Daniel Zhang looks forward to meeting you soon.