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Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer

Charlie Choi,

Bachelor of Education (Secondary); Bachelor of Science

In 2002, Charlie Choi arrived in Australia as an international student. He has had first-hand experience of the Australian schooling system, inclusive of the tertiary education system. Charlie completed his Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) in 2007 with Overall Position 1 equivalent and went on to complete a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland. He majored in Mathematics. 

As an educator, Charlie strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. He believes that they along, with any parents, guardians and or agents, should feel comfortable with asking and questions. As an international student himself he can provide great insight into what they may experience in Australia as well as any struggles they may face. Furthermore he enjoys sharing his experiences with others. His schooling experience in Australia was tremendously positive, and he is confident that without this undertaking he would not be the person he is today. He is passionate in assisting students to find the best education provider for their needs and streamline a smooth pathway to higher education. 

Charlie's belief has always been that a person’s education is the most critical choice they can make. Committing to AIEC's policy of excellent customer service and care he will always be able to provide reliable information and support to his clients and overseas partners.